About the Hand to Hand Combat Class in Chiang Mai Thailand

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The Hand to Hand Combat Class in Chiang Mai Thailand

Find out about what to expect from the Hand to Hand Combat Class in Chiang Mai Thailand that comes with the best Thai Non O Ed Visa's for staying long term in Chiang Mai Thailand!


For those people wanting to stay long term in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the best option for doing this is the Non O Ed Visa that comes with enrollment in the Hand to Hand Combat School in Chiang Mai. The following describes the Self Defense class, the school and how they take care of everything you need in order to stay long term in Chiang Mai, using the best available Visa (Non O Ed)

The Hand to Hand Combat Self Defense Class (With 1 Year Ed Visa in Chiang Mai, Thailand

About the Hand to Hand Combat Class and School


Enrolling in the Hand to Hand Combat School

Without a doubt this is the most popular way for Digital Nomads, or people under 50 and too young to apply for the Retirement Visa to be able to stay long term in Chiang Mai. You can obtain the Visa for this class from


Chiang Mai Buddy $35,000 baht (includes 2000 baht service fee)

Chiang Mai Locals for just 33,000 baht

The School Itself for 33,000 baht


If you are able to speak the Thai language then you can easily go directly to the school and apply. While the School staff do have English skills, it is often easier for the non Thai speaking person to obtain answers to specific questions from a English speaking person who is familiar with the programme. You are welcome to email to find answers to specific questions.


The Hand to Hand combat school for Self defense will process your application for a Non O Ed Visa for 12 months. This takes about two weeks for the paper work and once you obtain your 12 Month Visa you begin class.

About the Hand to Hand Combat School of Self Defense in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Hand to Hand Combat School in Chiang Mai started in 2006, by it's Chief Instructor, Jongjet Pungsai, "Jet". Khru (meaning teacher) Jet is a member of the Royal Thai Army Military Police, and one of the top private bodyguards in Thailand with clients including Prime Ministers and VIPs visiting from other countries..


Khru Phanu Sangsanga "Moo" is also a member of the Royal Thai Army Military Police. He is a judo and wrestling instructor. He was a member of the Thai National Wrestling Team at the South East Asia Games.


The school was started to provide private training to members of the Thai Military and those private individuals who wanted to gain employment in the private Bodyguard area. Over time Self Defense was added and when the School became accredited to being able to issue Non O Education Visas, the school soon became very popular with western students looking to stay long term in Chiang Mai.


Your first time at the Hand to Hand Combat Class

Training is conducted in long pants (track pants are best), socks and the Combat School T-Shirt (available at the School). When you first arrive you will be taken into the classroom for about 30 minutes for some basic training in


Footwork Basics
Blocking Basics
Mat Break-falls
Basic Rolls Methods

Hand to Hand Combat Visa Class beginning
Learning how to Roll on your first day

Then the rest of the Class will join in. Like all martial art training systems, the students line up and the instructors stand in the front for the beginning of the class. The formal acknowledgement of respect is given and then the class goes into a relaxed and fun instruction period.

Hand to Hand Combat Visa Class beginning respect
Paying respect to the Teacher at the beginning and end of class


A Typical Hand to Hand Combat Class

While the School is open 7 days a week for all of the training it does, the Self Defense classes that are part of the 1 year Non O Education Visa, are held on Saturday and Sunday from 3-5pm.

The classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and your fellow students will be a mix of males and females, Farang and Thai, young and older, athletic to (hmmm) needing to exercise more.


The Class Schedule

Hand to Hand Combat Class Chiang Mai Thailand

Class Starts and the Instructors and students greet each other.


10 minutes of warm up exercises and stretching

50 minutes of Self Defense Instruction and practice

10-15 minute break

40 minutes of Hand to Hand Combat training

10 Cool Down

Class finished


The One Year Education Visa for Hand to Hand Combat


When you enroll in the class (which takes two weeks for the Ministry of Education to prepare your paperwork) you are given the documents required to obtain a 12 month Education Visa in Thailand. You enroll in different courses and extend this Visa for 3 years in a row

Now-day's the Ed Visas are issued and extended for a period of 3 months at a time. Every three months the school will arrange a date for you to meet with the staff and extend your Visa and do your 90 day report. The school takes care of everything, you just need to attend the Immigration Office with the staff and you are in and out in a few minutes.

Apply to get your Hand to Hand Combat Ed Visa for One Year