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Chiang Mai Locals is a collection of small independent local people and businesses in Chiang Mai offering services and experiences that will enhance your trip if you are a Tourist and help you settle in if you are wanting to become an Expat.  Each service detailed on this website is information from separate Chiang Mai Locals who are banding together to offer visitors their combined expertise.


Hire a Chiang Mai Local
Hire a Chiang Mai Local
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Current Services We Provide


1) 1 Year Non O Visas for people too young to obtain a Retirement Visa

2) Short Term Accommodation in Chiang Mai.  You can stay at one of our 35sq meter condos for the same price as a small room at a guest house

3) Sak Yant Tattoos from a Real Monk or Ajarn


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We help you remove the stress of trying to get things done in a Culture than you might find difficult to understand.


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