Sherry Wu Tattoo Chiang Mai

Get a Custom Tattoo in Chiang Mai by Sherry Wu

Clean cut Female Tattoo Artist
Professional Services from Tattoo Studio
Only does One Tattoo A Day
Creates custom and highly personalized designs
Feminine and Friendly - Non intimidating Experience
Top quality Ink and Hygiene Standards
Incredible Artist and Painter
Specialist in highly Personal and Meaningful Designs
Studio located close to Thapae Gate
Speaks English and Chinese




Custom Tattoo in Chiang Mai

Amazing Quality Custom Tattoo by Sherry Wu


Sherry Wu is a unique tattoo artist among the usual stereotype heavily tattooed biker looking male tattoo artist that dominant the Tattoo studio scene around the world.   Sherry Wu is a petite and feminine Chinese women living in Chiang Mai, a former artist who fell in love with making unique special moments permanent and personal.


Sherry's personal philosophy is that a tattoo should be a reflection of the soul of her customers, and will take the time to investigate the story behind your design selection.  If needed Sherry will work with you on design ideas and customize a tattoo design specific to her clients. 


A native speaker of Chinese with knowledge of the symbolism of Asian design, Sherry is sort out by many Chinese tourists as well as expats who have lived in Chiang Mai long enough to have heard of her reputation as a skilled artist.

Sherry Wu Tattoo
Sherry Wu Tattoo
Sherry Wu Tattoo

Custom Tattoo in Chiang Mai by Sherry Wu

Sherry works from HD Tattoo studio (itself a highly sort after Chiang Mai Tattoo Studio by international tourists) and charges by the size and time required to complete the Custom tattoo.


Sherry Wu Tattoo Location

HD-Tattoo  Chaiyapoom Soi 1, Chaiyapoom road, Chiangmai



Safe, Friendly and Comfortable Experience

In addition to her exceptional artist ability, Sherry herself is a young, friendly and feminine women who is not herself covered in visible Tattoos.  This makes her a fantastic choice for the first time or female client who might find the traditional heavily tattooed male industry a little intimidating


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Sherry Wu Tattoo
Chiang Mai Tattoo
Sherry Wu Tattoo

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