Non O Volunteer Visa
Thai 1 Year Non O Volunteer Visa

Thai 1 Year Non O Volunteer Visa in Chiang Mai

Non O Volunteer Visa for 12 Months
Work Permit for Volunteer
No More Immigration Problems
No More Study of Thai Language
34,000 Baht
Non Profit Organization
Can renew following year without leaving Thailand
Can exit the country multiple times (With Entry Visa)
Low Commitment Time as a Volunteer compared to Language ED Visa


About the Thai 1 Year Non O Volunteer Visa: Chiang Mai

The Best Visa option for Staying one Year and longer in Chiang Mai


Amazing value Thai Visa for staying long term with a low Volunteer time commitment.  You get everything covered with one simple application.  Finally an easy and cost effective way of being able to stay in Chiang Mai legally and gain benefits similar to local people.


Benefits of a Non O Volunteer Visa and Work Permit

This this offers some amazing benefits above and beyond being able to stay long term in Chiang Mai and have less time and hassle at the Immigration Office.  This Non O Volunteer Visa in Chiang Mai, includes a work permit!  And while the only work you can do is as a volunteer for the Non Profit Organization that sponsors you - the other benefits make life as close to being a Thai National that is possible.


You will no longer be staying in Chiang Mai living like a Tourist!  You get the following benefits with a Volunteer Visa in Chiang Mai!

Discounts to Government Parks and Attractions
Can WORK Legally (as a Volunteer)
Open a trading account with a broker
Can get a Thai Credit Card
Spouse can obtain a Non – O Visa
Open an Advanced benefit Bank Account
Purchase and Sell Vehicles
No waiting at Immigration
No Visa Runs or Boarder Crossings
No Residency Certificates Required
Easier to send money out of the country
Thai Social Security system – Full health care coverage
Get a Thai driving license
Send your kids to a Thai public school at low cost
Improved status of stay in the Kingdom (can stay forever)
Get a mobile phone contract easier
Hire Purchase and Monthly Installments on Purchases
Get Thai rather than Farang Prices
Airport Thai passport holders desk Check In
Peace of Mind with Thai Authorities


Thailand Non O Volunteer Visa Chiang Mai

You will be involved in Charity work for a small local Non Profit Organization, which will provide you with a 1 year Visa and work permit (as a Volunteer).  You will be required to engage in volunteer activities with the charity who teach and assist local Thai people start business with a focus on Self Sustainability.


* Helping Business with English
* Assist implementations of business protocols
* Help with International promotion of Thai Products
* Other duties aimed at increasing Thai Self Sustainability
What is Included with the Volunteer Visa in Chiang Mai

The processing fee includes

1) The Non Profit preparing the documentation inviting you to Apply (required for the Non O Visa)
2) Processing of documentation every 3-6 months to extend your Visa
3) Processing of the Work Permit Documents
4) Taking you out to collect your Work Permit
5) All fee associated for the year for processing


What you will have to do

1) Go to a Thai Embassy of your Choice
2) 90 Day Reporting
3) Provide your own resources for living in Thailand
4) Remain in Chiang Mai for Immigration Visits and Volunteer requirements


Procedure to Apply for the Thai Non O Volunteer Visa in Chiang Mai

1) Check the FAQ at the bottom of the page, then if you have any Questions you can ask via Email

For further information or to apply we can make an appointment to meet with you

2) Send in or Bring with you to the meeting this Completed Application Form.

3) Bring to the meeting the following documents

a) Copies of your Passport pages: (Front with Photo, Current Visa, Departure card)
b) 6 Passport Photos (3.5 x 4.5 cm)
c) The Fee in Cash

d) 6 photos size 6 x 4 cm

e) Work Permit Photos 3 x 4 cm.

Please be sure that the photos have a white background and that the work permit photos are obtained from a proper photography store using real photographic paper. The other photos can be obtained from any shop printing photos on a printer.

g) Medical Cert for Work Permit

(Includes test for syphilis) 250-360 Baht from a Hospital (Not Medical Clinic)

h) Details of your Address, copies of Degrees (and address of the School) and/or Resume (CV) will then need to be provided.

4) In 2-3 Days your documentation to apply for a Non O Visa will be ready (we will deliver to you or meet again for a coffee)

5) Do Visa trip to Laos (or Embassy of your choice – so long as we know), handing in your Visa Application at Thai Embassy (takes 2-3 days)

6) You will now have a 90 day Non O Visa

Come Back to Thailand

You will now start to work directly with the NPO, who you will provide photocopy of your passport Visa Page

7) After a few days to a week, you will be taken to the Ministry of Employment and issued a letter granting permission to extend your visa, and a work permit

10) Once you have proven that you actually Volunteer in you will have a meeting with Immigration at the NPO Office and they will apply to extend your Visa for another 6 months.  This process is repeated 6 months later.

You can renew visa and work permit for the following year (no need to leave Thailand again)  and leave the country multiple times with a Multi Entry Visa (additional cost). 


* Please be sure that the photos have a white background and that the work permit photos are obtained from a proper photography store using real photographic paper. Photos printed with blue background and work permit photos printed on on standard consumer paper will be rejected.

* If accepted you will need to apply for your Visa at a Thai Embassy (Laos is the current destination of choice)


Don't worry if this seems a little complicated - it is an easy process, which you will be guided through the process



Frequently Ask Questions about the Non O Volunteer Visa in Chiang Mai
Please note if you have specific questions not covered here, you are best to wait and speak to the NPO themselves.

Q) What sort of time commitment do I need to make?

Unlike other volunteer Visas from International companies (which admittedly can cost half the price) which require you to work 25-40 hours a week.  This NPO is in it's startup phase.  The amount of time you need to commit much less, allowing you more free time to do whatever else you are in Chiang Mai for


Q) How long can I get the Volunteer Visa for?

Up to 3 years you can reapply for the Visa without leaving the country.


Q) What Type of NPO is the Volunteer Visa for?

The Non Profit Organization is a new an small operation dedicated to improving the quality of life through self sustainability of the local community


Q) What do the fees cover?
Everything - This includes the processing fees of immigration for the Visa and work permit and a regular monthly donation to the Charity organization who is sponsoring you.


Q) Can I work as a digital Nomad with the Work Permit?
The work permit is to work as a volunteer.  In Thailand you can not volunteer at all unless you have a Non O Visa and work permit.  What you do in your own time is up to you - but it is not covered by the work permit.


Q) How much time do I save at Immigration compared to a Tourist Visa or an Non O Ed Visa?
Your Non Profit Organization takes care of all your Visa paper work and goes to Immigration Offices early in the morning to collect a ticket.  You arrive at 8.30 or 9am and once the appointment is ready you are in and out in about 20 minutes.  The Non O Ed Visa for Thai Language is usually a 4-5 hour visit to the Immigration Office with a test of your abilities to get an extension.


Q) Can I leave the Country?
Short answer Yes you can, after all you are Volunteering and you need to be able to earn money to do this right?  BUT! In the initial application you are allocated 3 months for the NPO to prove you are undertaking Volunteer work.  During this 3 Months you maybe called in for an Immigration spot check to make sure you are actually in Chiang Mai.
The Visa is then extended for another 3 or 6 months (depends on the mood of the Immigration Officer) and then another 6 months.  Once you have reached the first 3 month period you can easily get a Multi Entry permit and freely travel for up to 2 months at a time.


Q) Do I need to live in Chiang Mai?
Yes you do.


Q) How long does it take to Process?
Once you have been contacted by the NPO agent and had your meeting where you give them your photos and copies of your passport.  Usually your documents are ready in 5 days for you to go to a Thai embassy and get processed.

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