1 year Thai Visa

How to get a 1 Year Thai Visa: Stay Longer in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is an amazing city, that many Digital Nomads and Expats looking for somewhere to retire decide they want to stay longer than their Visa allows.  With the new Thailand Tourist Visa's both single and multiply entry) it has become difficult to extend your stay in Thailand.  In fact the tourist visa's have become exactly that ... a Visa for Tourists.


Even the Thai Ed Visa for learning Thai has become a Thai Visa for Learning Thai. No longer do you study for 3 months and have another 9 months free stay. Now you are tested at Immigration and the Visa has been shortened to 2 x 3 months (providing you attend classes).


Luckily there are still 2 options for people who want to stay long term in Chiang Mai and have a limited class or time requirement to achieve this.


Non O Volunteer Visa Thailand (with Work Permit)

Non O Ed Visa Thailand Hand to Hand Combat

How to get a 1 Year Thai Visa

Stay Longer in Chiang Mai when you love the city and want to live here

The new Tourists Visas that started in November 2015 have made it difficult for Digital Nomads, Expats and Visitors that want to stay and live in Chiang Mai for longer than 2 months at a time!


The benefits of the 6 Month Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

If you want to use Thailand as your base and also travel around Asia the new Thai 6 Month Multiple Entry Tourist Visa is ideal for you.  It includes a Multi entry permit that allows you to leave and return to the Kingdom of Thailand as many times as you want.  For 5,000 baht for 6 months you can stay here in Thailand for one year for only 10,000 baht


The downside of the 6 Month Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

The new 6 month multi entry Tourist Visa needs to be applied for within your home country - and it is strict!  Depending on which country your passport is issued from you will need to show evidence on onward flight, savings, proof of residency in your home country and commitment to a job or returning.


You will also only be permitted to stay 60 days at a time, then will have to leave the country and return.


The Thai 6 month multi entry Tourist Visa is essentially that it is for short term stays in Thailand - which can be great for the person wanting to travel and use Thailand as a base country.  This is however not a great choice if you want to stay long term and get the benefits of a Thai Non O Visa.


The Non O Ed Visa Thailand to Learn Thai Language (once the staple Visa for staying in Chiang Mai long term) is now difficult and restricted to serious Thai Language Students only.  Now Immigration want to see you every 90 days and the reporting process can take the full day and includes testing to ensure you have been attending classes 9-13 hours each week. More troubling still is that it is now only a six month Visa.


Luckily your Chiang Mai local knows volunteer organizations and a educational combat school, that require much less time commitment than the traditional Thai Language education Visas for around the same price.


Imagine all of your Immigration procedures now get taken care of by experts who will do all your paperwork, meet you at the immigration office with your appointment already scheduled and take care of everything for you.  Following are details about the Visa's on offer.

The Best Visa Options for Staying Long Term in Chiang Mai

Volunteer Visa Chiang Mai

1 Year Thai Visa Volunteer in Chiang Mai (with Work Permit)

Non O Volunteer Visa for 12 Months
Work Permit for Volunteer
No More Immigration Problems
No More Study of Thai Language
Non Profit Organization
Can renew following year without leaving Thailand
Can exit the country multiple times (With Entry Visa)
Low Commitment Time as a Volunteer compared to Language ED Visa
Work with new Business Ventures
Assist with English and Business Sustainability Skills

Fee include Visa & Work Permit processing, & Donation
34,000 Baht

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1 year hand to hand combat Visa

1 Year Thai Visa in Chiang Mai (Hand to Hand Combat)

Ed Visa for 12 Months
Any Age and Fitness Level

Hand to Hand and Body Guard Training
No More Immigration Problems
No More Study of Thai Language
Thai Military Police Instructor
Trainer is a VIP Bodyguard in Chiang Mai
School arranges all Immigration Visits & 90 Day Reporting
Low Commitment of time compared to ED Visa (Learning Thai)
Amazing contacts in the Military Police
Learn a Skill that will benefit you the rest of your life
33,000 Baht 1st Year

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