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Chiang Mai Locals was started early in 2016, when a group of local Thai people who were all working in the tourist and Expat service industries decided to pull their individual resources and knowledge and provide these services together - Originally the business was known as Chiang Mai Locals, and provided a range of Expats services.  Over the first few months of operating, one service; The Sak Yant Experience started to gain international momentum and over time the focus moved towards focusing on providing this popular tour.


The managing partner, Nana Boonkoom, has spent the majority of her last few working years helping the new western arrivals settle into Chiang Mai and assimilate to the way things are done in Thailand. 


For several years Nana worked at the Airport welcoming visitors as they started their new adventures in their new country. Her extensive local knowledge, family connections with Police & Immigration and beyond approach honestly landed her an invitation to be a co-founding partner in 'Chiang Mai Buddy' - the  first Concierge Service in 2015 specifically designed to help new arrivals visit and settle in Chiang Mai.


Nana greatly enjoyed working and helping the Newcomer's to Chiang Mai, settle in and enjoy living in Thailand.  When Chiang Mai Buddy was sold and the new owner decided he wanted more professional and polished younger staff; she was let go.  Disappointed, Nana was left wondering about what to do next, and how to find an income.  The answer soon came when past customers of the previous company would find her and insisted that they still wanted to work with her and to continue the relationships and trust that already existed.


Over the fist 3 months of operation, Chiang Mai Locals started to take off - mostly in the growing reputation for Nana's knowledge of where to get a Sak Yant Tattoo and the relationship she developed with the Monks (who are not that impressed with the highly polished western tourist industry).  Her ability to provide the real experience for Women has developed a world wide reputation.


In the first 3 Months of starting,  Nana helped over 100 foreigners navigate the Thai Culture, locations, lack of speaking Thai and helped them obtain an authentic Magical Sak Yant Tattoo.  After 6 months of operating, the business name was changed from Chiang Mai Locals, to Sak Yant Chiang Mai to reflect our growing international reputation and demand in providing guests with this unique Thai cultural Experience.


About Nana BoonkoomNana Boonkoom

Nana Boonkoom is a native of Chiang Mai, with years of experience and knowledge of the city and how things work when you are a "local".


During her time with her previous company, Nana was consistently and personally requested for a variety of services that Newcomers desired. She has become internationally famous for her Sak Yant Tours, and so trusted, she was requested to be a shareholder in 3 companies her customers started.


Nana decided it was time to empower other Local Thai people to start their own businesses


About Nat NawarasphonNatnicha Nawarasphon

Natnicha (Jenny) is a qualified and licensed tour guide and also a native of Chiang Mai, with a real zest to share the wonderful attractions in Chiang Mai with both the Expat community and visitors.


Jenny offers a fully professional Tour experience and what better way to get to know your city or show your visitors why you have chosen to live in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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